Calgary Commercial Mortgages


f you are looking to grow your Calgary business, a mortgage broker can help you create new opportunities for yourself and your employees.

Nurture your company by using a commercial mortgage or loan to acquire income-producing buildings such as office, commercial, industrial and retail space, or a multi-residential property. As long as the property is in an active market and has a current appraisal, a commercial mortgage will allow you to finance or refinance it for your business.

If you would like to expand your business and own a commercial property (or are looking to purchase one), Mortgages By Candice can negotiate with several lenders to broker a deal that will benefit you, your business and employees for the long run.

Qualifications for a Commercial Mortgage:

  • The property must be for office, industrial, commercial or retail use.
  • The real estate must be located in a viable area with other properties of equal value.
  • Commercial mortgages are for a five-year term unless your property is Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation (CMHC) insured, whereby you may apply for a ten-year mortgage.

Interest rates for commercial loans may be fixed or variable.