Calgary Debt Consolidation


ebt consolidation is when a person chooses to amortize high-interest debt into their mortgage at a lower interest rate. It is not a simple process and can come at a cost. Obviously, debt consolidation is not a good idea unless you save in the long run. You may face prepayments penalties and a potential premium from the Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation (CMHC) could be added to your total debt.

Mortgages By Candice will assist with the calculations necessary in order to figure out how to make debt consolidation a positive life choice. Being open to discussing and strategizing how you will tackle your debt is a proactive way to ensure a better future.

It’s expensive to live in Calgary, and only getting more so. Personal debt levels are at all-time highs, and many are struggling to pay off student loans, high-interest credit cards and car payments. And since debt can be embarrassing to talk about, many suffer in silence. Nobody wants to be in debt, but sometimes it’s unavoidable. Life’s unhappy circumstances like illness and unemployment can have drastic long-term affects on people’s pocketbooks, but thankfully there are actually several options available to help you get back on your feet.