Refinancing your home in Calgary


here is useful equity in your home, and refinancing is becoming an often-used method of achieving long- and short-term life goals. Refinancing can get you where you want to go quicker…or more slowly, depending on your situation and your needs.

People often refinance when their financial situation has changed. It may be that you have recently received a raise and can afford to pay more monthly. Or, perhaps you’ve changed careers, resulting in a temporarily lower income. Refinancing can lighten your monthly load by lengthening the duration of your loan to reduce payments.

What with all of the variables involved in mortgages, doing some comparison shopping on your own can be incredibly time consuming.

Mortgages By Candice has long-terms relationships with several lenders and extensive experience in the mortgage field, meaning you will find the very best mortgage for your situation faster.

Refinancing can make dreams an affordable reality. Cash-out refinancing allows you to replace your home mortgage for more than the amount currently owing, and then use the “extra” cash to help start up a new business or go back to school. Refinancing also applies to those who are tired of their adjustable rate mortgage and would like to switch to a fixed rate. Or, maybe mortgage rates have dropped since you bought. Refinance with lower rates and save! Refinancing can be a useful tool for improving your financial situation while also reaching your objectives.