Mortgage Pre-Approval for Calgary and Okotoks Area Buyers

You’ve managed to set aside some cash for a down payment and you’re ready to start looking at houses. If you are serious about buying a home in the next three months, it is time to talk to an expert. When you first started thinking of buying a home, you might have had some idea...

Prepayment Penalties Can Hurt! Calgary’s Mortgages By Candice

When people come into a large sum of money for whatever reason – such as an inheritance or an investment – usually their first inclination is to start paying off their debt. It’s a great idea, and although it would be wonderful to knock a chunk off your mortgage with a big...

Home Inspection Tips From Calgary’s Mortgage Broker – Candice Light

Unlike many of the other things we buy, there are no guarantees or return policies when it comes to buying a home. This means getting a home inspection is critical to protect your investment! Qualified home inspectors are skilled professionals that receive special training and...